Red Velvet Bars (GAPS/Paleo)

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Look Before You Leap – Or Not?

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This is my very first post on the blog I never thought I’d write. I don’t really enjoy writing. But suddenly I find myself having a lot of important things to say. I’ve never been very opinionated about anything until now.

I always have been the type to “look before I leap”. I think it’s a fabulous idea to gather information before you make a decision. I know plenty of people who “leap before they look” and are constantly doing impulsive things, just to regret them and having to do a lot more work and change them later.

But I have to say, sometimes I do so much “looking” and evaluating and worrying and ruminating, that I don’t EVER actually leap! And I end up not doing something really worth doing.

I feel like there might be some people in the world who might be feeling like they need some help with their health, but doctors don’t seem to know what to do to help. I don’t want these people to feel alone because I’ve been like that. I’ve struggled with eating disorders, depression, and even been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. When I started on my crazy journey toward health, I had a body temperature of 94 degrees (adrenal fatigue?) and could barely get off the couch, clean house, or take care of my kids. So while my symptoms looked like mental symptoms to my doctors, I think my whole body was sick and toxic, and it was too worn out to produce any regular symptoms like a cold or an upset stomach.

So, through a series of happy accidents on the internet I discovered the Weston A. Price foundation and traditional foods. And then I discovered The GAPS Diet by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, a diet that focuses on healing the whole body through healing your digestion. It sounded crazy and overly restrictive and like something I would never be able to do. But I kept reading about it and decided it couldn’t hurt. So I actually did it instead of just reading and analyzing :).

So, fast forward 2 3/4 years and here I am, feeling MUCH better and attending a nutrition program (another HUGE leap since I had a bit of a hard time in school) so I can later help other people to feel better. The eating plan I’m on now is a cross between Ancestral/ Paleo and Full GAPS.

So I’m writing a blog that may be imperfect. I may even change some of my viewpoints later on and it will all be there in black and white. That I’m not perfect. Wow. But I feel like I have something important to say.

So I’m just going to leap!  Ribbet 🙂